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Mary Holmes, Fife, Scotland.  

Mobile: 07749944550                          email: homealone@googlemail.com

I first started sewing as an adult when I went to work in a factory at the age of 14...making swim suits.   When I got married to Eric, I made my own wedding dress...it was a halter neck, long with a bolero top with fur round the collar, I loved it!   Then I went to work in the Babygro factory on the overlockers, which I liked a lot.   When we went to live in Wales  I worked for a company called 'Louis Edwards of London'.   I hadn't sewn for a number of years till I went to Bronco's Festival and saw all the outfits and thought "I can do that!"   I went to college for a year and got my diplomas.   My husband Eric has built me a studio, which is now complete and ready for working!

I can also make jewellery, do up hats and make fascinators (for those who don't like hats)...all to match the outfits if required.

You can find examples of my outfits, jewellery and accessories by browsing this website.

More will be added as and when they become available, but it gives all the information of the services I offer.  Pictures of all the outfits, jewellery and accessories I have available.

If you would like something different...call me and I am sure I can help you make that something very special!